I have created an index statement to pull values from another sheet into hte output sheet. Inside the index function, there is an aggregate function to specify the constraints on which the output is to be based off of however it is returning a 'DIV/0' error.

The link for the sheet is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9...GotY3VNM2VnMGc

I am having issues withthe info in the 'Patron Jour' and 'Patron Nuit' columns ni AV and AW respectively. The output should be constrained by the Date, Jour/Nuit, F602 and Production. Please let me know if a solution can be found to oull the data from the 'Données forage wenco (new)' sheet into the 'Données forage' sheet using the formula I have created, with the appropriate changes made to avoid the error and produce the correct output.