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Formula to work out dates

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    Formula to work out dates


    I have a question, i have a start date a date paid till and also a number of weeks paid column, now inside the column Date Paid Till i have the following formula =Start Date+7*Number of Weeks Paid Column in my excel document.

    Now what im having a issue with is when i put in an spent amount, the number of weeks paid column is going down as it should be but also the date paid till column as well but i don't want the Paid Till column to go down but it still needs to go up when i put in a win amount.

    What do i need to add to the code to get this to work, any ideas.

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    Re: Formula to work out dates

    Please attach a sample of your workbook. It's much easier to work out a solution without having to re-create your data. Remember to remove/replace any sensitive info before uploading the file.
    Trish in Oz
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    If you attach a sample of your workbook it will be easier to find a solution. Remember to remove/replace sensitive data before uploading the file. Look here if you need help with attachments:

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