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I Dont understand formulas and its frustrating trying to forecast monthly sales and growth

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    I Dont understand formulas and its frustrating trying to forecast monthly sales and growth

    I have been working on this assignment since Friday and it was due Saturday I am at the point I am ready to scream the only steps I got right was #5 & 6 in calculations. I don't get it all! Basically I need help on 3- Step 4, 8 & 9! PLEASE! I am Begging you I have already broke my laptop screen and I can't take it anymore! In class he gave us this info:
    ((T12*365)/12) and options for Sensitivity applies to bottom up and % of annual sales option 1 calculate 10% of number, subtract value from original & option 2 Multiply number by 10% in excel #(1-%)

    Step 3 Calculate daily sales for each product, based on quantity and the per unit price. Use excel formulas to calculate the monthly sales for both products into month of January.

    Step 4 the "Growth" figure for both represents the monthly growth in sales for each product. Using excel formulas complete the 12 month sales forecast. Hint November income should total $10,168

    Step 8 Using Excel formulas Complete sensitivity approach #1 "Ground Up" Hint should be $9316 for Dec.

    Step 9 Using Excel formulas Complete sensitivity approach #2 "% numbers . Hint should have product B total annual sales as $356,250 annual sales
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    Re: I Dont understand formulas and its frustrating trying to forecast monthly sales and gr

    One mistake that I notice: the formula in E12 is =(($T$12*365)/12)+(1-E4).
    It should be =(($T$12*365)/12)*(1+E4).

    Similarly in E13.

    Example: if you start with $100 and you want 10% more, you would write 100*(1+10%), which is $110.

    Another mistake: the formula in F12 is =E12*F4+$E$12.
    Close! But it should be =E12*F4+E12 so that it can be replicated down and across.
    Alternatively, you could write =E12*(1+F4), similar to E12.

    Finally, the formula in F14 is =$E$6*(F6). Although it produces the correct result (0) by coincidence, technically it is incorrect because there is no information in E6 and F6 related to category C.

    That's all I noticed on first glance. I really have not looked at the assignment in any detail.
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    Re: I Dont understand formulas and its frustrating trying to forecast monthly sales and gr

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