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Vlookup to get Values for repeated sequence

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    Vlookup to get Values for repeated sequence


    My an infant in excel

    Can you help me to get a formula that does vlookup for repeating values. Essentially i have testcase numbers attached to user stories. Multiple Test case belong to user stories. Each User Story has unique system id. On the sheet where test cases have repeating column values for user stories i want to populate the system id for given user story.

    I needthat weired string to be populated all the way down.

    Storyid storyname
    a082C000000HGDZQA4 STY-00000
    a082C000000HGDaQAO STY-00001
    a082C000000HGDbQAO STY-00002
    a082C000000HGDcQAO STY-00003
    a082C000000HGDdQAO STY-00004
    a082C000000HGDeQAO STY-00005
    a082C000000HGDfQAO STY-00006
    a082C000000HGDgQAO STY-00007
    a082C000000HGDhQAO STY-00008
    a082C000000HGDiQAO STY-00009
    a082C000000HGDjQAO STY-00010
    a082C000000HGDkQAO STY-00011
    a082C000000HGDlQAO STY-00012
    a082C000000HGDmQAO STY-00013
    a082C000000HGDnQAO STY-00014
    a082C000000HGDoQAO STY-00015

    I want to populate that string in below lookup

    TESTCASE USERSTORY Storyid (Need formula for this field that looks at Userstory and does lookup above )
    TC-00001 STY-00000 a082C000000HGDZQA4
    TC-00001 STY-00000 a082C000000HGDZQA4
    TC-00002 STY-00000 a082C000000HGDZQA4
    TC-00001 STY-00001 a082C000000HGDaQAO
    TC-00002 STY-00001 a082C000000HGDaQAO
    TC-00001 STY-00002
    TC-00002 STY-00002
    TC-00003 STY-00002
    TC-00001 STY-00003
    TC-00002 STY-00003
    TC-00003 STY-00003
    TC-00001 STY-00004
    TC-00001 STY-00005

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    Re: Vlookup to get Values for repeated sequence

    Welcome to Excel Forum. For future reference spreadsheets are easier to work with than pictures of spreadsheets. To upload a spreadsheet click on GO ADVANCED and then scroll down to Manage Attachments to open the upload window. (see FAQ for more info)
    As to a formula that will match stories to ID's this seems to work dependent on the layout:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Let me know if you have any questions.
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