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Count/Find X on multiple lines w/ multiple criteria

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    Count/Find X on multiple lines w/ multiple criteria

    Sample attached

    Column G has the manual results i'm looking for- this is where I want a formula to figure out the math. The parameters are based on column B- Rows will be 2 and up.

    It should only count if Column D has a *New* **WITH** an upgrade. If its a single invoice number with one or more new, its ignored. if its a single invoice with 1 or more upgrades its ignored. It is counted when its a new with an upgrade.

    If it has 10 new and one upgrade, its still 1- basically its "yes, this invoice number has those two things together, not how many of them are together".

    Hope that makes sense- thanks for any help!
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    Re: Count/Find X on multiple lines w/ multiple criteria

    Your file appears to be corrupted. Please upload again...

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