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Accessing data in an external link when you dont have the source file

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    Accessing data in an external link when you dont have the source file

    I have an excel workbook (Call it File A) that contains data from another workbook (File B). File A has a VLOOKUP Formula that uses a named range (LCCODE) where that data exists in File B. The data in named range LCCODE needs to be refreshed yet the person who sent me File B is no longer with the company and cant be reached, no backup or prior version of File B can be found. My question is" can I access the data in the named range LCCODE whose source is File B somewhere in File A? It seems like a temporary version is kept somewhere in File A. I just cant find it. Hopefully this isnt too confusing and there is an answer. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Accessing data in an external link when you dont have the source file

    Not in File A but somewhere in temporary folder (you have two). But this is idea only.
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