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A Checklist for document received

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    Talking A Checklist for document received

    Hello to all,

    I need your help guys please.

    I attached 2 excel files here.

    1. DSR MAR 2017 AIH
    2. DSR MAR 2017 Checklist

    In excel file No.1 have different sheet names. There is a column for Profit Centre, Location, and Date Received. Each profit center have 1 or more locations and I received on different dates.

    I just wanted to have a checklist that when I enter the Profit Centre, Location, and Date Received it will be automatically updated in File No. 2 like a check sign or any sign per date.

    Or if its not possible in updating automatically in file No. 2, I will just insert the checklist in File No.1.

    Hope you help me guys in this different format request.

    Thank you so much.
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    Re: A Checklist for document received


    Not knowing the exact result your after. I have attached a sample of what you can achieve.

    Please note there is some helper columns in both workbooks.
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