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Find and Replace - if not found, add function?

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    Find and Replace - if not found, add function?

    I use a barcode scanner connected via Bluetooth to scan asset tags (barcodes) into a spreadsheet. Afterwards I would to use the spreadsheet to conduct a physical inventory of various locations using a list of values.

    My goal: Scan a barcode and have the Find function Locate and Highlight the cell if the value is found in the list. If the barcode is scanned and the value is not located in the list, I would like the value to be added to the list (sheet).

    My question: Is there a function to find and highlight values in a list? If the value is not found in the list, is there a method to add the value to the list?


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    Re: Find and Replace - if not found, add function?

    I used cell C2 as the helper cell that the barcode will be scanned into.

    In my example, I put a conditional format in A2 using the formula =$A2=$C$2. Then I pressed ctrl+c and selected cells A3:A50 (just for demo purposes) and I selected paste special --> formats. This takes care of highlighting if the item is already found.

    Then I put in A3 =IF(COUNTIF($A$2:A2,$C$2)=0,$C$2,"") and pulled it down to A50. This inserts the item into column A if it is a new item. The only thing is that if the item is new then you need to copy out the formula and paste special --> values right away, or it will get messed up.

    Very amateur, but it works.
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