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Using VLOOKUP To Return a Drop Down List

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    Using VLOOKUP To Return a Drop Down List


    I've attached the initial draft of my spreadsheet (will have to reevaluate the plan if this isn't possible).

    Essentially, I've got 2 sheets :
    1. A list of my "Units", their sub units, their cost, and space for 8 extra options. These 8 options are generated from the "Extras" sheet and shown as drop downs.
    2. A list of their "Extras" and the cost, split by sub unit and the type of extra (e.g. tabletop, design, etc).
    Sheet names are "Units" and "Extras" respectively.

    In the "Units" spreadsheet I've created a list of names for groups of cells {"Chairs", "Tables"} and called it "Units", and a sublist for each of these and called them "Chairs" and "Tables".
    This means the first two columns of the customer invoice can be done via a drop down list (first I can select, "Chairs" or "Tables", and then choose which type of Table or Chair they are after.

    So to the third sheet, with the customer invoice, when I select, for example, "Chairs" and then "Chair -
    Leather" it populates the rest of the row using VLOOKUP (price, number, options).
    However, after the VLOOKUP it only pulls down the current value of the dropdown for the 8 options, rather than the whole dropdown list.
    Is there a way to have it pull the entire list?

    I've thought of another way to do this, by naming the "options" in the "Extras" sheet, but this results in 1 of 2 things:
    - All the options have to be together, I can't split it. For example, using validation and =INDIRECT, it would pull all the types of extra for "Table - Glass" into one list, instead of letting me choose only "Tabletop" or "Legs", like it does in the "Units" spreadsheet
    - I end up with a large number of additional columns to handle the various types of "Extras". The current spreadsheet is only an initial draft, it will contain 20+ types of "Units".

    Thank you very much for your time.


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