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"Error" or "Disallow" Entries If Data Entered in Wrong Cell

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    "Error" or "Disallow" Entries If Data Entered in Wrong Cell

    Hi, all. First time posting, not the first time reading these helpful forums, though. My first problem was coming up with a thread title, as my problem is difficult to explain... so here goes...

    I've created a simple spreadsheet that is to be used as a "log sheet" for my team. Let's call each new row entry a "case". New case entries are entered by rows, and the case's necessary information is entered under its appropriate column (such as dates, team member name, case #, etc.)

    Each new "case" will derive from one of two sources, let's call the first source "PLE" and the second source "SAL".

    So the first new entry will be made starting at cell A5, the next at A6 and so on...

    I've set up the following within the spreadsheet:
    1) A hidden tab titled "Lists"
    2) Data Validation/List for all Column A entries using a Drop Down (and sourcing from the "List").
    3) Conditional Formatting for all of Column A, so that if PLE is selected from the Drop-Down, the cell automatically formats with the background color yellow. If SAL is selected, the color fills in as green.

    So far, so good. Now, here's my issue, but before I go on, I shall explain: Because I'm barely beyond the beginner level of Excel proficiency, I knew of no other way - and was limited by screen/hardcopy printing space - to separate the PLE and SAL cases, so one spreadsheet was created at this time.

    So, further down the rows, are identical columns (for dates, data) for PLE and SAL cases. Each of the PLE data columns is formatted to the color yellow, and the SAL data columns are formatted green (just like Column A!) By the way, this was done by cell formatting only.

    HERE'S WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN: I want a user to get an Error Message or somehow be disallowed to (mistakenly) enter data under the yellow/PLE data columns if he/she chose SAL under Column A.

    In a nutshell:

    * Row 5 - PLE case, selected in A5
    * Column G is a Date column, formatted yellow.
    * Column I is a Date column, formatted green.
    * If the user begins to enter data (for this PLE case) in I5, he/she should be disallowed, or get an error message, because, after all, Column I is for SAL cases.

    That's it. Don't know if the solution involved further Conditional Formatting for Formulas. That's why I turn to super-experts as yourselves.

    Whew!!! Hope that wasn't too difficult to understand. Seems like a lot of 'splainin' for what may turn out to be such an easy fix.

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    Re: "Error" or "Disallow" Entries If Data Entered in Wrong Cell

    You will need VBA if you want to prevent/limit entry and produce an error message.

    You could check AFTER entry of the date and use CF to highlight the Date cell in error But it will still contain the entered date. You cannot clear the cell with a formula.

    Equally you could put an error message in a cell based on the same logic.

    And you cannot enter data in a cell AND have a formula in that cell.
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