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Index/Match across multiple sheets, return column header

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    Question Index/Match across multiple sheets, return column header


    I have a master list of values (in this case, bin locations), and several sheets where these values reside, with corresponding column headers. Each value will only appear in 1 sheet at a time. What I need, is a formula to index/match the value from the master list, search across the sheets, and return the corresponding column header next to the value in the master list. Doing this is simple when all values are on the same sheet, however I am having trouble searching/returning across multiple sheets with differing numbers of column headers. Attached is an example, with desired result.

    Thank you!

    P.S. In reality, I have over 33,000 values spread across 8 tabs (values may change tabs day to day, however I have a macro/VBA code that pulls that information from the web and imports to the workbook). So, the attached file is just a small, small example. But will give me an idea of how to do this on a higher scale.
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    Re: Index/Match across multiple sheets, return column header

    Please continue in your original thread here:

    You can add your updated sheet there.

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