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Multiple data requires ranking

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    Post Multiple data requires ranking

    HI I work in Loss Prevention in Retail and i am trying to sort out some data.

    firstly the data requires poor performing stores from 3 regions to be ranked by their region as the worse performing in that region.

    the sample i provide is just 30 stores where i actually have 800 but keeping it simple for now.

    as you can see from the attached,

    the Performance tab has all the data flowing in to it from other document but the vlookups are removed.

    the bottom 10 tab you can see requires the stores to be ranked with the worse 10 per division.

    we need to judge the stores that are performing well in sales Column Q with the lowest % in Column s.

    if possible i'd like to also say the lowest in column T but not essential.

    would appreciate any help

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    Re: Multiple data requires ranking

    How would you reach your desired result with pen and paper? Where do you want the results? Please calculate a couple manually, put them WHERE you want them in your sheet, and re-post the sheet.

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