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Advanced filter nested IF/OR criteria

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    Advanced filter nested IF/OR criteria


    I have an Advanced filter to sort list of employees by several criteria at once. Supervisor name / Position / Branch are all named ranges with unique values.

    I would like to have a data validation for Experience with following options:

    If I pick 4-7 the advanced filter should extract all staff who have 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 years next to their name in Experience column.

    My existing (and working) formula for Position is:

    E6 is the reference to cell where a list with data validation is, if you click it, you'll see dropdown with Clerk/Driver/IT etc. However if you won't select anything I'm using "*" which shows every employee on the list if you run the advanced filter.

    Any ideas would be more than welcome, thank you!

    Excuse me for not providing the link to other forum where I've posted this dreadful question

    If I manage to find solution I'll update both sites with the anwser for everyone.
    Thank you!
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