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Create possible HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH to search 2 criteria and return data

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    Create possible HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH to search 2 criteria and return data


    Thanks in advance for looking into this.

    Please see attachment - I am stuck on this one....don't know how best to proceed.

    We'll take the first agent in cell A2 as an example. On the 4th Sept the agent was scheduled to work as C2 and D2 indicate but she was on EAL. So in cell ref E2 I need to show the start time of the EAL taken on the 4th and the end time in cell ref F2. The data for which appears in H2:L117, so it would show 0900 & 1715. Only issue being, there is more than one line of data for that agent for the 4th.

    So in essence I need some sort of lookup that will look up the agents name and the date in A2:D37 and identify if they appear in the data H2:L117 and return the start time and end time in cells E2, E3, etc and F2, F3, etc...

    Hope that makes sense...

    Thanks Chris
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