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Grouping, If X They Y, ordering data by region

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    Grouping, If X They Y, ordering data by region

    I have a spreadsheet of many thousand records each about 10 fields, all records have a delivery ID in a separate column composed of one or two letters or digits. For example, the following all show the product was delivered in the midlands. (B, CV, DE, DN, DY, HR, LD, LE, LN, NG, PE).

    Territories are, Midlands, Scotland, Ireland and South East, each made up of around 10-30 of these codes.

    How do I write a function to say If "XCell" = B, CV, DE, DN, DY etc... then Y = Midlands

    Would I then need to have a separate column for each territory?

    Can I write one log bit of code which crunches all the data and gives Scotland, Ireland, Middlands etc.. as a readout. This is a the best case for me. I don't want millions of columns

    The above is assuming an If Then style way of going about this is optimal and I could see no way to do this following some basic google searches

    Any help is most appreciated.

    Best wishes


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    Re: Grouping, If X They Y, ordering data by region

    All you need is a table showing the correspondence between codes and a simple VLOOKUP.

    See sheet.
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