Hi. I'm trying to figure out a way of showing the most important details from a tab in its own Overview tab. My end goal is to move this from excel to google sheet, but I suspect that the functionality is pretty similar.

Example of what I have now. It's way more data there, and some important stuff is also at the end. So I need a better view.

What I want to do is to have a Overview tab, with only the important information at a glance. Like the Name, Dates, Score and a few other fields.
I want to be able to at least sort the data in the main tab, and I would like to be able to sort and filter the data in the overview tab. So, it have to be a matching process between either the A column with numbers or the name. That's the two unique identifiers I have.

I've been looking into the INDEX, INDIRECT, MATCH and HYPERLINK functions, but I can't wrap my stupid head around how to adapt it to my case. Here's some examples I've been looking at.