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Need formula for calculating daily labor rates including overtime.

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    Need formula for calculating daily labor rates including overtime.


    First time post. If I am missing information, let me know and I will add.

    I have created a schedule builder for two salary and four hourly employees. I am integrating data calculations from one of my weekly reports to help speed things along.

    I want to be able to calculate the total labor rates per day for all employees working that day including the salary. I am having trouble creating the formula to calculate the daily labor rates for the hourly employees once overtime rates come into play. I have been using nested IF formulas to calculate up to 40 hours and over 40 hours. The part of the formula I am stuck on is when there are both regular and overtime hours for an employee on a single day.

    Attached is a test version of my workbook. I have blanked out unrelevant data calculations. You can see the formulas I have been developing on row 34 columns B-O. Column J is where I put the day with both regular and overtime rates. The current formula in column J is my attempt to calculate the overtime rate minus the regular rate, but I am stumped on how to add the regular hours back into the rate.

    Thank you in advance for any help.
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    Re: Need formula for calculating daily labor rates including overtime.

    Formula is row 38 (not 34) of Sheet1 .

    Not sure what your calculation is but I would unmerge cells in B3 etc and have B3 as regular hours and C3 as OT hours: I would remove all merged cells involved in calculations

    in B3 (Regular hours)


    in C3 (OT hours)


    in S2


    in R2


    See attached Sheet3 for "Robert" (row 10)
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