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Formula to lookup the most out of list and get cell text

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    Formula to lookup the most out of list and get cell text

    On sheet "TSA Daily" in cell A23 , I want this formula to search within column A for today's date on "TSA Support" worksheet & if it is equal to today's date then look in column K & if it says "Triage Created", "System Issue" & if that is there then look at column E to find out who it was.


    If that name appears more than twice, I want their name to appear on TSA Daily in cell A23. In Cell B23 I want it to count how many times their name appears that day only if all the above criteria was met! I have included a sample workbook to help with the details.

    I would want everyone's name that appears more than twice within those criteria to show there in have them in descending order so the most at the top and the least at the bottom!
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    Re: Formula to lookup the most out of list and get cell text

    Here ids how I would handle it: with a helper column and a pivot table.

    The helper column is called Meet Criteria and has the formula: =AND(INT([@[Date/Time]]) = TODAY(),OR([@[Reason for Contact (Main Category)]]="Triage Created",[@[Reason for Contact (Main Category)]]="System Issue"))

    Then I built a pivot table with this as the report filter. The count of associate is sorted highest to lowest. About the only thing to remember is to refresh the pivot table.
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