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VLOOKUP - Wildcard not working

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    VLOOKUP - Wildcard not working

    Hi - simple enough - I am trying to do a wildcard match with a vlookup.

    Formula :

    I am getting N/A for results.

    Please help - see attachment. - jerryr0125
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    Re: VLOOKUP - Wildcard not working

    Wildcards don't work quite like that I'm afraid.

    "*"&A2&"*" in this instance means "any or no text here" & Elevator 456 & "any or no text here".
    As Elevator 456 does not appear in column A of your Sheet2 either with or without text either side of it, it will always return an error.


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    Re: VLOOKUP - Wildcard not working

    Yes, the wildcard in VLOOKUP works the other way around from what you are thinking. In the example above it is looking for "*Elevator 456*" in column A of sheet code. I think you are trying to figure whether any of the words in column A of code can be found in A2 of desc.

    This is an array formula. After typing in the formula, do not hit ENTER--hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. You have done it correctly if the formula in the formula box has {braces} around it. You cannot type in the braces; they are just an indicator that it is an array formula.


    See attached.
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    Re: VLOOKUP - Wildcard not working

    Or try;


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