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If Then / Offset Formula [populate calendar from a list of events]

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    Question If Then / Offset Formula [populate calendar from a list of events]

    I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but I'm trying to create an employee calendar that populates from information entered into vacation spreadsheet. The vacation table lists employees, name, date, hours off, type, and time requested. I'm trying to get this to populate into what looks like a regular monthly calendar but only show the time requested and their name behind it for each person requesting time off. (UNLESS SOMEONE HAS ONE ALREADY BUILT AND WOULD BE WILLING TO SHARE.)

    I'm not 100% savvy on how to do it, but I basically want to take everyone who requested time off on a given day and populate that data to the corresponding day on the calendar.

    This is definitely the long way around it, but I was able to do the following formula below in my calendar for each person: If cell xx in the calendar is empty, then nothing. Otherwise return time off and name. I then made this formula in the calendar itself for each person changing the last cell reference. I was able to get day 1 to work, but don't know how to copy it to other days so it knows to go Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 3 etc.

    =IF(VacTable!D3="",0,VacTable!D3&" "&"-"&" "&VacTable!$B$1)

    Hopefully these images come through to show what have so far. It may be better to use VBA, but I'm not that saavy.


    There is also a second calendar worksheet that doesn't have separate lines ... just a spot for any text that could just return a text string with a hard return at the end.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your unbelievable knowledge!
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    Re: If Then / Offset Formula [populate calendar from a list of events]

    For each day same quantity of rows as quantity of persons
    then this can do

    Kind regards
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