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find duplicates and replace

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    find duplicates and replace

    I have two sheets one from our purchase deptt. and second from Govt. website .

    I want to reconcile and find duplicates in a pair.

    For example :-

    1 Duplicate 7
    2 Unique 8
    3 Duplicate 6
    3 Duplicate 4
    5 Unique 11
    6 Duplicate 3
    7 Duplicate 9
    8 Duplicate 1
    9 Duplicate 1
    10 Duplicate 10

    here i want the second 3 in first column to show unique because it does not have a pair in column 2. because these column are amounts and i want to find the missing funds. also i want to find an approximate rounded off value.

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    Re: find duplicates and replace


    This is clearly a much simplified example and probably doesn't represent the size of your actual data. We often find that when we give an answer to what is a trivial non representative example when the solution is used with the real world data it doesn't work because of factors like string length and other stuff which is important but hasn't been mentioned.

    This formula in D2 copied down will identify the unique values
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    but I've no idea what you mean by 'find an approximate rounded value'

    Therefore upload your real workbook (or at least a cut down copy), and manually add the results you expect to see. Clearly identify which is original data and which are the results and in a note clearly explain how you have arrived at your results.
    Richard Buttrey

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