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Combining a number of tables into one with columns being dependent

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    Combining a number of tables into one with columns being dependent


    This is sort of a follow on to a posting that I did in the macro/vba forum about Excel crashing on a sort. I need this to work manually and in a macro since:
    1. Macro will be used to help users add new values to list(s)
    2. User's need to use the drop-down lists manually so will need to use data validations to handle the dependent lists and
    3. Users will use a macro to enter information and the macro will fill in the drop-downs automatically

    I have a number of tables, see attached, which I would like to combine into one table and use the individual columns as dependents for drop-downs. For example:

    PickupLocation - contains a number of different places
    PickupDay - contains the days for pickups
    Time Tables - contains times with headers a combination of PickupLocation & PickupDay

    I initially thought that I could create one table with the following rows:

    PickupLocation - contains the locations and will have duplicate values since each location will have 1 or more days associated with it
    PickupDay - contains the days and will have duplicate values since each day will have one or more times associated with it
    Time - contains times associated with each location and row

    The drop-down for the locations uses data validation with source = PickupLocation - this works but displays duplicates
    Can't seem to get the days associated with the PickupLocation or the times associated with PickupLocation and PickupDays.

    Bottom line - I don't want to manage 20 tables and I'm not thrilled to have one table with columns for PickupLocation, PickupDay and one for each combination of PickupLocation&PickupDay

    Any thoughts?

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