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Hyperlink does not transfer with INDEX function

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    Unhappy Hyperlink does not transfer with INDEX function

    Hi everyone,
    I'm working on a neat little searchable database at work. I have all of the leg work done but I ran into a snag when trying to get hyperlink to transfer properly using the index function. The basic problem is that at work there's a database of over 200 defined Lat/Long boxes that I wanted to make searchable based on a given Lat/Long point. So I did some basic conversions and some if and statements to determine if a box had that point inside of it. Then using the INDEX function searched for those instances and display the data that matched. As stated previously this works great until hit the hyperlinks.
    I've tried doing hyperlinks 2 different ways (HYPERLINK= and right click and assign hyperlink) but neither seems to work as you can see in the sheet. So my questions are:
    1) Is there a way to get the link to transfer properly with the INDEX function?
    2) If not, is there another function that will do this properly?
    3) Is this just a limitation of Excel and I need to find some other approach?
    Thanks in advanced,
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    Re: Hyperlink does not transfer with INDEX function

    Hi, welcome to the forum

    1. Your formula could be shortened to this...

    2. No (added) formatting will be pulled across with a formula (except time and $), so you would need to create the HL IN the formula itself.
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