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Advanced Filter with "does not contain," combined with "does contain" and "and/or"

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    Advanced Filter with "does not contain," combined with "does contain" and "and/or"

    I am trying to automate some filtering in hopes of eventually including the filters in a Macro down the line. I am trying to filter by multiple criteria, as below:

    Column 1: does not contain Plant A, Plant B, Plant C, or Plant D; include all other values
    Column 2: contains either "x" or "y" somewhere in the field

    I am unable to find a good example of Advanced Filters that combines "contains" with "does not contain."


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    Re: Advanced Filter with "does not contain," combined with "does contain" and "and/or"

    Excel will only allow two values for its built-in filters. But, you could use a column of formulas for your specific filtering needs - say that your columns are A and B, with data starting in row 2:


    and copy down, then filter that column for TRUE.
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    Re: Advanced Filter with "does not contain," combined with "does contain" and "and/or"

    There are only two criteria available for "does not contain." Think you're going to need to put a formula in a column and filter on that.

    =OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"Plant A","Plant B","Plant C"}, A2)))
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