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Reference Gantt Chart from Multiple Tabs to Create Master Schedule for Specified DateRange

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    Reference Gantt Chart from Multiple Tabs to Create Master Schedule for Specified DateRange


    I'm trying to reference data from multiple tabs ("cities" tabs) to create a "summary" tab. This summary needs to list which employees are available within a given date range (as defined in column H yellow cells on the summary tab).

    Cities Tabs
    - Employees are listed in their respective city tabs, along with a gantt chart whether they are booked or available each week (blank squares indicate availability).

    Summary Tab
    - This should pull info from the cities tabs, and list the blank weeks for each employee between the date range in column H (yellow cells).

    - The red text in this tab is that expected values -- how would I automate this?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you!
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    Re: Reference Gantt Chart from Multiple Tabs to Create Master Schedule for Specified DateR

    On each of the city sheets M1 is populated using: =SUMMARY!H1 and N1 using: =SUMMARY!H2
    Column M is populated using: =COUNTIFS(D2:L2,"",D$1:L$1,">="&M$1,D$1:L$1,"<="&N$1)
    Columns N:W are populated using:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    On the summary sheet columns A:B are populated using: ='Los Angeles'!A2
    Column C is populated using: =IF(E3=0,"",'Los Angeles'!N2)
    Column D is populated using: =IF(E3=0,"",LOOKUP(2,1/('Los Angeles'!N2:Z2<>""),'Los Angeles'!N2:Z2)+6)
    Column E is populated using: ='Los Angeles'!M2
    Note that in each section 'Los Angeles' is replaced with the city name.
    Note that two cells in column D which I filled in red as the person has some dates within the range when they are not available. You'll need to decide how you would like to handle that, at which point we may then be able to adjust the formula.
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