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If Statement Question

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    If Statement Question

    In my spreadsheet, i have columns W through Z showing dates of insurance. What i would like to do is hide these columns and have column V be more of a "summary" of these insurances. For example, if any of them are expired (being less than today), it would simply list the name of insurance that is expired. My issue is you could have multiple insurances that are expired, not necessarily in order. Is there any better way to do this then creating a formula that has if statements referencing every possible scenario?

    Ins Example.PNG

    Above is a screen shot. For for example, on the bottom highlight, you seel GL, WCB and Excess are all expired. So i would want it to say "GL,WCB, EXCESS EXPIRED". If they were all expired, it would simply say "ALL INS EXPIRED". If there is no way to do this than a ton of if statements, then just let me know.

    Thank you.

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    Re: If Statement Question

    COUNTIF would determine the total number of insurances expired, If it equals 4 then "ALL INS EXPIRED"

    Use Condtional Formatting to highlight relevant insurances that have expired.
    Without seeing cell and column references I can't provide a full solution.

    Post a sample spreadsheet with expected results, remove any sensitive data, create a mockup example if necessary.
    Use the Go Advanced option at the bottom of the page then scroll down to Manage Attachments as the "paperclip" method does n

    Ensure you describe your problem clearly, I have little time available to solve these problems and do not appreciate numerous changes to them.

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    Re: If Statement Question

    One way:

    =TRIM(MID(IF(B2 < TODAY(),","&$B$1,"")&IF(C2 < TODAY(),", "&$C$1,"")&IF(D2 < TODAY(),", "&$D$1,"")&IF(E2 < TODAY(),", "&$E$1,""),2,255)&IF(COUNTIF(B2:E2," < "&TODAY()) > 0,", Expired",""))
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    Re: If Statement Question

    Put the following table somewhere and call it "TextLookup".

    Assuming the status is in column-A put the following in A2 and copy down
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    See the attached workbook.

    I think probably the only virtue is that there is not an IF statement in sight
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