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Vlookup from multiple sheets to get an average

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    Vlookup from multiple sheets to get an average

    I have been tasked with maintaining a performance file, inside of it are sheets for each week of the month (12.30-1.5) (1.6-1.12) etc and this information will be manually entered because I haven't figured out how to Vlookup when data is not in the same position on multiple sheets and if I am honest, I am not the best user of Vlookup. Anyway, we have sheets for each week and then a sheet called MTD. My question is how do I use a Vlookup on the MTD sheet to look up and average the data in the weekly sheets? There are multiple topics within each sheet, quality average, absenteeism, adherence etc. So the vlookup would need to be specific to each category, pulling from each weekly sheet, to average on the monthly sheet to get the MTD stats.

    I have no idea if I have formatted this correctly and I really do appreciate everyone's help. I am not the best user of Excel but before I ask I make sure to try to find the answer myself but for this one I am lost. If you need additional information, please let me know.

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    Re: Vlookup from multiple sheets to get an average

    I am giving you good advice here, make your life so much easier and just take the time to re-organize each sheet so that the data rows and columns are consistent throughout and then keep it this way going forward. If you receive information from others, then provide them with a template so they keep to this format as well.

    Then use Pivot Tables (YouTube has tons of help guides) to consolidate and create the reporting, including averages, that you want.

    I highly recommend what I describe above, that is much easier and safer. Having said this, if you only have a few cells to average, then vlookup and/or offset functions could be used. I am new here and so I cannot post links to help you; however, just search for "vlookup vs offset" and "vlookup vs offset match index" and you will find what you are seeking. Do this in YouTube as well.

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    Re: Vlookup from multiple sheets to get an average

    Welcome to the forum

    I would offer different advice. It is standard practice to try and keep all data on 1 sheet, and then use other sheets for summaries/analysis.
    I agree that standard layout of data is vital to simplify calculations.

    PT may be the way to go, but if you standardize the layout of your data, vlookup or INDEX/MATCH may be a better option.

    Without seeing some sample data (and expected outcome), it is almost impossible to give any more specific advice.

    upload a small (clean) sample workbook (not a pic) of what you are working with, and what your expected outcome would look like.
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