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Drop down list pulls data from QTR1/QTR2/QTR3/QTR4 from 14 tabs

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    Thumbs up Drop down list pulls data from QTR1/QTR2/QTR3/QTR4 from 14 tabs

    I would like to be able to pull data after using a drop down list QTR1, QTR2, QTR3 and QTR4 - The data is located from 14 other tables each in a named tab, the 14 tables have a list of questions, and split up across the top QTR1, Comment, QTR2, Comment, QTR3 Comment, QTR4 Comment.

    1 - Question - QTR1 - Comment - QTR2 - Comment - QTR3 - Comment - QTR4 - Comment
    2. - Question etc....

    This data on the KPI tab is "pulled" out of each tab, Column "QTR1" under this column is the data I need, but it must be pulled from each of the 14 tabs and populated into the KPI tab. Each time I select QTR2 or QTR3 from my dorp down list on the KPI tab etc... the KPI data changes accordingly - where does it land once it is pulled from the 14 tabs - I have 14 tabs with the heading of each tab at the top, the data populates under the respective Tab for the QTR it came from.

    Column - Question - Albatross - Cresswel - (14 tabs across here)
    1 - Question - Data here - Data here - etc.......

    I am not sure what formula or code to use, youtube has not helped neither google searches. Any help would be useful

    how do I add the excel spreadsheet for ppl to view?
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    Re: Drop down list pulls data from QTR1/QTR2/QTR3/QTR4 from 14 tabs

    Attach a Excel sample containing data.

    1. Make sure that your sample data are REPRESENTATIVE of your real data. The use of unrepresentative data is very frustrating and can lead to long delays in reaching a solution.

    2. Make sure that your desired results are also shown (mock up the results manually).

    3. Make sure that all confidential data is removed or replaced with dummy data first (e.g. names, addresses, E-mails, etc.).

    4. Try to avoid using merged cells as they cause lots of problems.

    Unfortunately the attachment icon doesn't work at the moment, so to attach an Excel file you have to do the following: just before posting, scroll down to Go Advanced and then scroll down to Manage Attachments. Now follow the instructions at the top of that screen.
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    Re: Drop down list pulls data from QTR1/QTR2/QTR3/QTR4 from 14 tabs

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Please upload a workbook or a representative cut down copy, anonymised if necessary. It is always easier to advise if we can see your request in its context.

    Show a before and after situation with manually calculated results, explaining which information is data and which is results, and if it's not blindingly obvious how you have arrived at your results some explanatory notes as well.

    With a lot of these things the approach adopted may not be the most efficient so it helps if you can explain what you are trying to achieve. I don't mean explain what your current system is doing, I mean tell us what information you start with and what you want to end up with and the rules and logic you use to get there.
    Richard Buttrey

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