I am trying to place the names of multiple excel files in a column. Then, search the name of that file and return a numerical value. Each workbook will have these values in the same cell location.

I am doing this to create a file that shows the points standings of many files. Each file will calculate its own points, and I need to send these values to the standings workbook.

For example, here is what the standings workbook will look like.
Excel Example.png

So, if I have three separate files, named A, B, and C, each located in the same folder. How do I send their values to the standings workbook?

Below is an example of the points files (A, B, or C)
Excel Example.2.png

I am not worried about sorting their position relative to their total points at the moment. I can do that after the values have been found.

Thank you for any help that you can provide.