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return the day from a date (Tuesday)

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    return the day from a date (Tuesday)

    hello All

    i enter an order date in A1 and A2 factorsd in the delivery time.... i want A2 To display the date with Tuesday ord wednesday what ever the day is

    A1 = 19/02/2019

    A2 = WORKDAY(A1,4,0) Returns 25/02/2019 i want it to return Tuesday 25th


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    Re: return the day from a date (Tuesday)

    Try this formula in A2: =TEXT(WORKDAY(A1,4,0)," ddddd d")&LOOKUP(DAY(WORKDAY(A1,4,0)),{1,2,3,4,21,22,23,24,31;"st","nd","rd","th","st","nd","rd","th","st"})
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