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Excel 2016 - Power querry hep!!!!

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    Question Excel 2016 - Power querry hep!!!!

    hiii there!!!!!!
    After appending quarries in excel 2016, for multiple sheets, looks good, but only when doing close and load, the loaded sheets doesnt match with the order of rows and columns of the multiple sheets. please help.. i want all the rows and columns in the loaded sheets to be in the same order of multiple sheets...

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    Re: Excel 2016 - Power querry hep!!!!

    Post your code / workbook. And change your thread title to something more descriptive...
    let Source = #table({"Question","Thread", "User"},{{"Answered","Mark Solved", "Add Reputation"}}) in Source

    If I give you Power Query (Get & Transform Data) code, and you don't know what to do with it, then CLICK HERE

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