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Nested AND in IF formula returning wrong results

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    Question Nested AND in IF formula returning wrong results

    Moderator note:Hello nihau. Welcome to the forum. As jason has noted below in post #3 we require informative thread titles (Rule #1). Think Google search terms you would use to do a search for your particular question.
    Since you are new to the form I went ahead and changed it for you this time.


    So I want to create a new dummy variable (switch) in a dataset out of two other variables (in columns C and D). It should always say "shift" when in column D a value was 1 and in the following row in column C the value is 0. Otherwise it should say "stay". I tried it with the following formula:

    = IF(AND(C5="0";D4="1");"SHIFT";"STAY")

    however I always end up having "STAY" in the new variable, even though the criteria for "SHIFT" are met. Somebody got an idea?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: IF AND formula

    "0" & "1" are string characters representing the numeric values 0 and 1 they are not the same. Get rid to the quote marks in the formula.
    Ben Van Johnson

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    Re: IF AND formula



    When you enlose a number in double quotes it is no longer valued as a number.

    For future reference, please take a look at the forum rules that you agreed to follow when you joined. Your thread title does not comly with them, up until recently that meant that we were not allowed to help you until you changed it. The rules have been relaxed a little now but you are still expected to follow them.

    If you post future threads with non compliant titles then the moderation team will be more likely to apply stricter enforcement.

    I would also suggest that you change the title of this thread before anyone else jumps in and mentions it. Some, but not all mods will change it for you as it's your first post.

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