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Conditional hyperlinks within the same cell

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    Conditional hyperlinks within the same cell

    I was wondering if there is any way to create a conditional hyperlink in a cell based on the value that is placed into the cell.

    In the attached spreadsheet, I was able to create the hyperlink I want, but itís based on the value in the cell next to it. What I really want is for the cell itself (cell B2) to be a hyperlink based on the number placed into it (i.e., the 2 would be a hyperlink to the 2 on Sheet2).

    Does anyone know if thatís possible? I ask because I need hundreds of hyperlinks in one particular sheet, so I am trying to avoid having to use two cells for every number.

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    Re: Conditional hyperlinks within the same cell

    This is a duplicate thread - please continue in your other thread.


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