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Table offset if - incrementing rows copying across columns

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    Question Table offset if - incrementing rows copying across columns

    I have a table with month numbers listed vertically and also horizontally on top (1-48 down and 1-48 across).

    Month 1 starts in column A, row 1 in cell A1. Formulas spread horizontally to the right only not backwards.

    Month 2 starts in column B, row 2 in cell B2.

    Formula: IF(B899*'Sync Inv Summary'!$P$13>0,B899*'Sync Inv Summary'!$P$13,"")

    Possible formula?: OFFSET($B$1,COLUMNS($B$1:B1)-1,ROWS($B$1:B1)-1,1,1), the syntax (-1, etc.) not correct but does increment?

    The goal is to have ONE formula in column A, row 1, cell A1 and have the formula populate the entire table except not in the cells backwards from the starting point of each successive month. In other words, putting the formula in cell A1 and when it fills the table (48 rows, 48 months), cells like in Month 2, cell A2 will never have a value because A2 is in month not Month 2.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Table offset if - incrementing rows copying across columns

    Welcome to the forum!

    Will you please attach a sample Excel workbook? We are not able to work with or manipulate a picture of one and nobody wants to have to recreate your data from scratch.

    1. Make sure that your sample data are REPRESENTATIVE of your real data. The use of unrepresentative data is very frustrating and can lead to long delays in reaching a solution.

    2. Make sure that your desired results are also shown (mock up the results manually).

    3. Make sure that all confidential data is removed or replaced with dummy data first (e.g. names, addresses, E-mails, etc.).

    4. Try to avoid using merged cells as they cause lots of problems.

    Unfortunately the attachment icon doesn't work at the moment, so to attach an Excel file you have to do the following: just before posting, scroll down to Go Advanced and then scroll down to Manage Attachments. Now follow the instructions at the top of that screen.

    Please pay particular attention to point 2 (above): without an idea of your intended outcomes, it is often very difficult to offer appropriate advice.

    Enthusiastic self-taught user of MS Excel who's always learning!

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    Re: Table offset if - incrementing rows copying across columns

    Administrative Note:

    Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately, this is a duplicate thread, and you are allowed only ONE thread per issue here. I am, therefore, closing this thread, but you may continue here in the original thread: link to be added here

    See duplicate at:

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