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Filter Data Set using Row Headers in lieu of Column Headers

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    Filter Data Set using Row Headers in lieu of Column Headers

    Good Morning,

    I am a Construction Estimator looking to create a historical data base that references previous bid values from our subcontractors so that we can "accurately" make project budgets off of a preliminary set of plans. I know the data points & Layout that I would like to use for my Database, but the problem I am running into is that I am unable to filter my data how I want it to filter. We are looking to filter our data based on a multitude of criteria(Hatched in Red); Project Location, # of Units within the project, What type of building it is, how the garage structures are incorporated, and whether or not they have a clubhouse or not, and possibly a couple more as we develop our processes. This document will be a rolling document for any and all future successful bids so it will get to be pretty large so the ability to filter it by specific items will be very Beneficial. But the problem I am running into is that we can only filter our data by the columns and that column filter only goes throughout the rows within that specific column. where as we would like to filter our data by the rows and have the row filter go throughout the columns with that specific row.

    So for example I would like to go into this Historical Data Base Document and filter all of the projects that are located in Fargo, ND and only see all of the bid data just for the city of Fargo, ND and have it filter out any other city.
    We would also add additional filters to the (Red Hatched area) as we see fit to more accurately fit the project that we are actually bidding.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Historical DataBase Example.PNG
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