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Modified Stable Marriage Problem Solution using Excel macros?

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    Question Modified Stable Marriage Problem Solution using Excel macros?

    Hello All - So I saw this post about solving the Stable Marriage Problem in Excel/VBA and was curious to see if it could be modified for a more adaptive use for a project I am starting to work on.

    In the above scenario, you already know the names/preferences of the individuals from the start. Would it be possible to tweak this to work if the names and preferences aren't known from the beginning?

    What I am trying to do:
    • Have users enter their name and preferences that will be recorded in an SQL database
    • Export the data as CSV and open in Excel
    • Have the macro function like above (matching the individuals based off their preference) but changed based off of the data provided from the SQL db
    • Show the matching pairs on a case by case basis (aka each time a new data set is imported)

    I do have some coding experience, but not much in Excel/VBA but thought it would be cool to extend my reach. Any help or tips (if something like this is even possible) are much appreciated!

    Here is an image of how the data would be imported into Excel:
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