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how to do Multi variable equation

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    how to do Multi variable equation


    I have a multi-variable equation that I need to solve. Any help with excel would be great.

    The following is true:

    0a+3b+12c=18000, and
    3a+12b+0c=11000, and

    to complicate things, while the above is true, there may be some rounding, so I am looking for best fit.

    I need to figure out the best fit values for a, b and c

    Can excel do this? is anyone up for a challenge?

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    Re: how to do Multi variable equation

    This looks like a pretty standard "solve a system of equations" kind of problem. The easiest approach in a spreadsheet (and other programming languages that have built in matrix function libraries) is to see it in terms of matrix algebra and use matrix functions (MINVERSE, MMULT, etc). This is a decent tutorial: https://www.excel-easy.com/examples/...equations.html

    If it turns into more of a "best fit" or regression type problem, then you will want to become familiar with the LINEST() function: https://support.office.com/en-us/art...a-fa7abf772b6d
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