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Count name values on X and Y axis criteria

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    Count name values on X and Y axis criteria

    Hi Gurus

    Thanks for helping my every time!

    I am familiar with the CountIFS function, however I don't get it to work with this scenario.

    We have a team of 7 employees who locks up our shop every weekend and opens it again. I need to count how many times each employee opens and closes on the respective weekend days.

    There is a tabel at the bottom which I need to summarize the counts.

    Fridays we only count the CLOSING, Saturday the person who closed Friday opens Saturday and leaves at 11:00, then the second person works from 11:00 till closing, as well as the whole Sunday.

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    Re: Count name values on X and Y axis criteria

    Would you manually complete the expected results since it's possible to interpret this in different ways.

    For instance:
    Is the summary required for one month or all months?
    Are you wanting to count the occasions where an employee both Closes on one day AND opens on the next day - and does this count as 1 or 2 events,
    OR count the occasison when an employee EITHER closes or opens on one of the days?
    Richard Buttrey

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    Re: Count name values on X and Y axis criteria

    In D43 then copied across.
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    Note the change in heading of Main table Row 2 (TOE,OOP).
    Note the change in heading of Days Row 42.
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