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Pasting Protected cells

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    Pasting Protected cells

    Good day

    I manage a Work Order tracker that is used by many people in my organization. I have added some conditional formatting and formula's to make my life easier, but need to protect my document from unwanted changes. When a new entry is added, we "Copy" and "Insert Copied Cells" the last row to keep all the formatting. I can get my cells to paste over but what happens is the "Locked" cells are now no longer locked. With the people using the sheet, I need the properties to be copied over every time. Not sure if this is possible but I need this to work this way cause I canít change peopleís habits.

    Any help would be great,

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    Re: Pasting Protected cells

    Do you have the sample workbook, see the yellow ribbon on the top of page for instructions.
    If you think someone helped you, click on the "* Add Reputation" as a way to say thank you.

    If your problem is solved, go to Thread Tools and select Mark This Thread Solved

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