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How to create formula for if balance is negative

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    How to create formula for if balance is negative

    Hello all, I trying to create a formula to add d5=b5+c5 but if c5 is negative, d5 will still be $7500.00. Then d6=b6+c6 but the negative from c5 has to be subtracted from c6 (if c6 is positive). Gets real confusing when 2 months in a row show negatives. My goal is d- column will never be lower than b-column but will not increase if their is no positive commission on profit (column c) I've attached an example sheet to help explain what I'm after. Thanks in advance!
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    Re: How to create formula for if balance is negative

    So, if C column is negative, D is 7500
    if C is positive, current percentage should add recent negative percentive of previous month(s)?
    So, I change month in A column into real date, formatted as "mmm" (A4 should be the same, but formatted as "Month" to displayed as "title"
    In D5:
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