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New FILTER & UNIQUE formulas

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    Smile New FILTER & UNIQUE formulas

    Hi all,

    So I've been playing with the new formulas that Excel released to all O365 users a few days ago. FILTER and UNIQUE turn out to be extremely useful especially with the new spill feature. However, I am struggling a little with applying criteria correctly by using a boolean logic as you would do with SUMPRODUCT etc.

    example 1:

    I want to filter out all values that contain the letters "STP", and then get the unique values of that list. Not sure I can use wildcards here?

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    Example 2:

    get all unique values from the range that are NOT blank or "PANTS"

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    any ideas how to achieve these two above?

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    Re: New FILTER & UNIQUE formulas


    Any chance you could post a sample worksheet as per the yellow banner above?

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