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Keep adding numbers

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    Keep adding numbers

    Iwe been asked to keep up running times on some pumps here at work, and would like to this in excel.

    I'd like to: Keep adding hours each day, this will then add to the total sum of hours.
    Problem beeing.... how do I keep adding numbers, and get the total to go up when I change the number from monday to tuesday?

    Id would be great if I could just have an dropdown-menu for one cell that would let me pick a date that I could write in the amount on.


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    Re: Keep adding numbers

    You could have dates going down column A and then use column B to record the data. Then your total can be obtained (e.g. in C1) using this formula:


    and then as you add more data this will automatically increase.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Keep adding numbers

    You could enter 01/01/2020 in cell A5, then enter the formula =A5+1 in cell A6, then fill A6 down many rows, at least to cell A370. Format A5:A370 (or further) in your date format. Enter hours in column B corresponding to each day in column A. Enter the formula =SUM(B5:B370) in cell B3, then B3 will show the total hours entered in the rows below. Bonus: split the window below row 4, then rows 1 to 4 will always appear no matter how far down you scroll.

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