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Construct table dynamicly from masterdata based on a criteria

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    Question Construct table dynamicly from masterdata based on a criteria


    I need some input on how to proceed with my excel sheet.
    Do give you a understanding of a the scenario. This is a projectplan where a consultant will be entering activities under the "masterdata" tab. He will then set a "category type" on that activity.

    My first tab is a table which I want activites (From MasterData tabs) to be listed, but grouped based on the sub titles (Planning, installation, design, configuration etc..)
    Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 00.42.04.png

    Under masterdata I have a created a table called (tblAktiviteter) which is the list in column A and B. Column A matches by name with the sub titles on the first tab and will be the key for grouping.
    Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 00.43.26.png

    I want this to be dynamic, so If I had more activities in the masterdata table and set a category, it will be listed in first tab.

    Thanks in advanced!
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