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Multiple results/filtering Sumif

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    Multiple results/filtering Sumif


    I'm hoping to get help/feedback on filtering multiple Sumif results, please.

    I want to change cell F2 in Tab1 between "SS", "AW", "Continuity" and "All Seasons", much like cell F1 Tab1.

    All data is in Tab2 is summarised in Tab1.

    The reason I've used sumif over vlookup/match is some categories are intentionally being combined as the same category (eg small accessories and tech accessories in Tab2 column G are both combined as "accessories" in Tab2 Column D)

    Is it possible to change the [sum_range] of the Sumif formula in Tab1 column G to look at a cell reference rather than it being 'Tab2'!H:H?

    For example I've tried to manipulate cell G16 tab1 to change based on cell G2. The original formula for cell G16 was =SUMIF('Tab2'!$A:$A,'Tab1'!$A:$A,'Tab2'!H:H)/1000 I changed it to =SUMIF('Tab2'!$A:$A,'Tab1'!$A:$A,'Tab2'!G2)/1000 hoping to get the same result since cell G2 outputs "H:H" however my formula has failed to receive the intended result.

    Any advice/feedback would be very welcome and appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced
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    Re: Multiple results/filtering Sumif


    I appreciate you work but its are to help you here as you have a very user specific data that is not self explanatory.

    Would suggest to try pivot or use offset function to get dynamic range.
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