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Sorting database

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    Sorting database

    I have over 200 people spread out between 29 kitchens. For over time tracking purposed...

    Is there a way to set up a list of kitchens by name in a spread sheet...and be able to paste a list of employees and overtime hours from a different spread sheet...and be able to sort the employees name by the kitchens they work in?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Sorting database

    Most probably, but we'd need to see the wrkbook for a definitive answer.

    Please upload a workbook or a representative cut down copy, anonymised if necessary. It is always easier to advise if we can see your request in its context.

    Show a before and after situation with manually calculated results, explaining which information is data and which is results, and if it's not blindingly obvious how you have arrived at your results some explanatory notes as well.

    To upload a file click the Go Advanced button at the foot of your post, look underneath the post area for the Manage Attachments section and take it from there.
    Richard Buttrey

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