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Looking for a formula to rank data and output unique value

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    Looking for a formula to rank data and output unique value

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping there's a simple solution for this one!

    I have a list of items with values. As an example, let's say the items are cars. Each car can have one driver.

    Problem: To pair the most valuable cars with the best suited driver available.

    Value Car Best Driver 2nd 3rd 4th Last
    62,000 Audi Jon Keith Tom Bill Paul
    48,000 BMW Bill Tom Rob Paul Greg
    23,000 Buick Greg Bill Paul Jordan Adam
    25,000 Ford Bill Jon Rob Tom Jordan
    32,000 GMC Jon Keith Adam Rob Tom
    42,000 Mustang Keith Rob Henry Jon Greg
    65,000 Tesla Bill Henry Keith Rob Jon
    28,000 Toyota Keith Adam Greg Henry Bill

    Selection Rank Formula Column (Best Avail Driver)
    BMW (3) Tom (Bill is taken)
    Mustang (4) Keith
    Tesla (1) Bill
    Audi (2) Jon
    Ford (5) Rob (Bill and Jon are taken)

    First, the formula needs to rank the cars, based on their value (I'm guessing the Rank or Countif formula)
    Then, find the preferred driver in the table array in the Best Driver column.
    If a higher ranked car has that driver, then move onto the next best driver (2nd). etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Looking for a formula to rank data and output unique value


    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    This would help you to get the rank, but have a doubt how you identify the driver is available or taken??
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    Re: Looking for a formula to rank data and output unique value

    You need several steps to get the results you want.
    Please see below.




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