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Search box and Filter

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    Search box and Filter

    Short version: Looking to use a "searchbox", or just a cell for entry to search a second sheet(In the same workbook) and only pull rows that contain the partial match of the "searchbox" cell.

    EDIT: Going to be a bit more explanative I think.

    Currently in my Sheet 1 in cell D8, I have this formula that references D7
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    for a search option as follows:

    However when I drag and copy the row down, I get this error:

    The end goals is the first image, including the nearby rows all in the same table, so Sheet2!Range A:C technically. Only searching in Column A.
    There are about 25,000 entries as well, as a note.
    Is there a way I can copy this down further, or a better way in general?

    Thank you
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    Re: Search box and Filter

    Administrative note

    As the FILTER function is not a 2010 function , please update your profile as necessary to properly reflect the exact version(s) of Excel your question relates to. Members tailor answers based on your Excel version.


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