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Search box and Filter

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    Search box and Filter

    Short version: Looking to use a "searchbox", or just a cell for entry to search a second sheet(In the same workbook) and only pull rows that contain the partial match of the "searchbox" cell.

    EDIT: Going to be a bit more explanative I think.

    Currently in my Sheet 1 in cell D8, I have this formula that references D7
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    for a search option as follows:

    However when I drag and copy the row down, I get this error:

    The end goals is the first image, including the nearby rows all in the same table, so Sheet2!Range A:C technically. Only searching in Column A.
    There are about 25,000 entries as well, as a note.
    Is there a way I can copy this down further, or a better way in general?

    Thank you
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    Re: Search box and Filter

    Administrative note

    As the FILTER function is not a 2010 function , please update your profile as necessary to properly reflect the exact version(s) of Excel your question relates to. Members tailor answers based on your Excel version.

    Be very, very careful using IFERROR ! It hides ALL errors which is not always what you want to get correct results

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