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Dynamic Worksheet Reference

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    Dynamic Worksheet Reference

    I need help creating a formula that will do a SUMIFS depending on the value in a cell. I have data that is broken into different worksheets dependent on month and they are all named in the same manner - 2020 January Dump - 2020 February Dump ...etc. I need a formula that will change depending on what month it says in cell k3. so for instance if k3=February, I need the formula to look in 2020 February Dump rather than 2020 January dump.

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    Re: Dynamic Worksheet Reference

    I need the formula to look in 2020 February Dump
    but what means to look , just pick up the value ?
    Give an example of your formula ..and beeter attach an Excel sample ...!
    See file attached in sheet "Info"
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    Re: Dynamic Worksheet Reference

    Two usual approaches: using the INDIRECT function, as in January in cell X99, then

    =SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'yada "&$X$99&" yada'!Q2:Q1001"),INDIRECT("'yada "&$X$99&" yada'!D2:D1001"),X98,INDIRECT("'yada "&$X$99&" yada'!K2:K1001"),X97)

    and an alternative when there are patterns in the worksheet names, such as month names, with those month names in X1:X12, and simpler to use defined names like

    Value_Range: =CHOOSE(MATCH($X$99,$X$1:$X$12,0),'yada January yada'!$Q$2:$Q$1001,'yada February yada'!$Q$2:$Q$1001, . . .,'yada December yada'!$Q$2:$Q$1001)
    Crit1_Range: =CHOOSE(MATCH($X$99,$X$1:$X$12,0),'yada January yada'!$D$2:$D$1001,'yada February yada'!$D$2:$D$1001, . . .,'yada December yada'!$D$2:$D$1001)
    Crit2_Range: =CHOOSE(MATCH($X$99,$X$1:$X$12,0),'yada January yada'!$K$2:$K$1001,'yada February yada'!$K$2:$K$1001, . . .,'yada December yada'!$K$2:$K$1001)

    (the . . . meaning similar arguments for March thru November), then


    The advantage of the 2nd approach using defined names calling CHOOSE is that it avoids volatile functions like INDIRECT. Formulas calling volatile functions recalculate whenever ANYTHING triggers recalculation. If you have a lot (1,000 or more) of formulas calling volatile functions, you could slow down recalculation substantially.

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