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Creating multiple drop-downs based on primary drop-down selected

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    Creating multiple drop-downs based on primary drop-down selected

    Hello everyone

    I am creating a template worksheet that is planning to be used for recording fieldwork. The person would select a "System Category" from a drop-down of available categories. Depending on the sequence number/sequence description, the person would select the appropriate "Test Category". Based on the "System Category," the "Test Category" would only show the valid test categories associated with a particular "System Category."

    While I would like to use a "drop-down" box, that could be for separate discussion

    In my sample workbook in worksheet "System_Template", I successfully created a drop-down selection for the "System Category." However, I'm struggling on how to create the "Test Category" drop-down selection.

    In the worksheet "List", I have already created the basis for getting the information for each "System Category" using the "FILTER" function.

    Is this the right path? What would be the next step?

    Thank you for your help.
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    Re: Creating multiple drop-downs based on primary drop-down selected

    Try the following as the source for the data validation drop downs: =OFFSET('Methods List'!$B$4,MATCH(B$1,'Methods List'!$B:$B,0)-4,1,COUNTIF('Methods List'!$B:$B,B$1))
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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