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extract data using 2 criteria

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    extract data using 2 criteria

    Hey, i have a sample spreadsheet attached of what I am trying to do. I'll have a large table in columns A to D. It's defined as a table because i want it to be dynamic in that as I append more data to the end, I want the table to grow in size. I'm trying to extract subsets from that table into columns F to I by letting a user specify a specific entry in Column A and B (dropdown). I would like to do it 5 different times in total in different columns as the spreadsheet shows. I ultimately want to create a XY chart and plot these as 5 different series in a single plot. I haven't gotten to the chart part yet because the extract data is not working right for me. I'm using the AGGREGATE function and INDEX. In order for it to populate all 5 series they need to identify the same 2 criteria. I dont want that. The 5 extracts will always be different is some way. When they are different, nothing gets extracted for the 2nd to 5th series for some reason.

    What's wrong with my spreadsheet, specifically the long AGGREGATE function I'm using.

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    Re: extract data using 2 criteria

    Check your COUNT formulas in row 2.
    The first one refer to column A and B but with relative address.
    When you copied it to create the other table, the columns changed to F and G and so on.
    Make sure the columns A and B are reference properly in your count formulas and it should work just fine.
    Pierre Leclerc

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